Friday, January 20, 2012

Coming Soon To "Montaindale After Dark"...Community Bulletin Board

Just a little buzzzzzzzz...we here at Mountaindale After Dark will soon be launching a very exciting add on to this blog, the "Sullivan County/Catskills Community Bulletin Board".  It will include a fully accessible calendar where you can add your events, and we can add both public and private boards for your groups and interests, such as local music, gardening, Girl Scouts, or anything else...such as FRACKING.  If you are interested in having a public or private board, or would like to act as a moderator for a specific board, please contact Sherwood Martinelli at

There will be boards for Mountaindale, Fallsburg, Morningside and Mountaindale Parks, as well as a few special interest boards.  More boards will be added as interest and membership grows. 

Check back in for more news as we get closer to the launch of this project.