Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday "News on the Run"

What a beautiful day outside...the snow last night is cleared off of our streets here in Mountaindale, while everything else is covered in a blanket of what, giving our little hamlet a picture post card feel, the sun seeing the crystals from the snow shining and sparkling like a field of diamonds.  We have more snow in the forecast for tonight, turning to rain tomorrow...that troublesome forecast of ICE PELLETS again rearing its ugly head, which would not bode well for tomorrow night's Salsa Dancing.  My understanding is the event will be moved to Sunday (January 22) if the weather refuses to cooperate tomorrow night. 

Another reminder of a local nature...if you have a birthday in January, then tonight Nadia's in Hurleyville is the place to be...come join in the fun as this wonderful little establishment (with some great food) celebrates those born in the month of January.  Everyone is welcome, even if you were born in a different month.  You might want to call in a reservation! (845) 434-8051

Friday "News on the Run"
Perhaps in the biggest news of the day, is Mitt Romney suddenly self destructing right before our eyes?  Mr. Big MoJo suddenly does not seem quite the candidate he was just a few days ago, and it is looking as if Mr (open marriage) Gingrich could pull off a stunning upset victory in South Carolina...or not.  Lets face it, all of the networks have spent a lot of money HYPING the Republican Primary season only to have it fizzle as one candidate after another self destructed, leaving Romney the winner by default...perhaps he still is, but he sure looked weak in the debate last night, while Gingrich has a couple of sterling moments that are creating quite the buzz.  Looking at Governor Arnold, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, and of course the pizza guy, do affairs matter, and more importantly, is it time that the Republicans stop portraying themselves as the "Family Values" party?  Must be something in the water they drinking...fracking chemicals perhaps?

Seems you can break the law and not be punished...IF YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN.  That's right, the Department of Homeland Security is rushing to cancel the deportations of some 1600 illegal aliens because they do not present a National Security Risk.  I am curious here don't mind if I call you Janet do you?  Curious, if I forged some documents, stole a social security number, borrowed someone else's credit history, and got a job I was not really entitled to, as a LEGAL CITIZEN of the United States, if I got caught would the Department of Homeland Security moved quickly to dismiss charges that might have been brought against me?...oh, never mind, sure I would be tossed in prison for awhile, but if I were an illegal alien, different story...right?

In news we are not hearing a lot of from CNN (they and their parent company are in support of it), seems that SOPA vote has been postponed by Reid.   

Anonymous teaches the feds a lesson...The justice department wrongfully shut down the 72nd largest site on the internet (Megaupload), criminally charged numerous employees...wasting no time at all, the folks at Anonymous SHUT DOWN the Justice Department and FBI websites.  Maybe the US government needs to realize the WEB BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, not the United States government!  The feds are treating the "distributed denial of service" (DDoS) attack as is a was a PROTEST, an exercise of ones Civil Rights.  Oh, but sure you folks would love to say a whole bunch of angry citizens suddenly visiting one site is against the law now, wouldn't you?

Hope you enjoy todays, "News on the Run".  Going to go take more cold meds here and get myself a little afternoon nap.