Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone, and "News on the Run"

Give Iran Credit...This site looks safer than Entergy's Indian Point.

Welcome to the first day of a brand New Year...let all of us around the world pray that this year is a far better one than 2011 was. The weather here in Mountaindale is still unseasonably warm, and we so far have dodged the winter snows we are so used to seeing by now. Don't want to say it, but if we continue on in this fashion, though I would welcome the mild winter, one has to let one's thought wonder to Global Warming and Climate Change. Perhaps it is time we as a world society embrace the concept (as relates to consumption of goods) that less is more. As relates to FRACKING, perhaps we have to accept that we cannot afford a alternative energy source that creates far more methane than other fuel sources while at the same time contaminating our fresh drinking water supplies.
Getting abundant natural gas through hydraulic fracturing contributes to global warming as much as coal, if not more, according to a study quoted by political news website
New Year's Day "News on the Run"

Guess the first big news story is the fact that this is the first "News on the Run" segment of 2012. We thank all of our loyal readers, who in the first two months have pushed our readership up over 1000 unique visitors a month. We look forward to providing you a lot of great content this year, and in years to come.

The Iowa Caucuses
...OMG, can we please get it all over with. It really is time for all involved to admit that Iowa and New Hampshire are two little tiny states that do not deserve the amount of attention they get from politicians and the National Press every four years. If these two states represented lets say 4 percent of America's population, maybe an argument could be made for them going first, but the two states combined represent less than two percent of America's population...New York city alone almost has almost twice the number of citizens as the two states combined...yet, we get FEW VISITS from Presidential Candidates here in our state. As to picking a winner in this Ugly Duckling contest...the state loves tossing down surprises, so going to go Santorum, Mitt and then Ron Paul...big surprise might be that Newt does not even garner 4th place.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blinked, and backed down on his threat to block the Hormus Straight is again saber rattling, this time using Iran's Cental Bank.
“The central bank is the backbone of dealing with the enemies’ pressure and it must with strength and self-confidence have the solidity to eliminate all of the enemies’ plots,” he told the bank’s governing board, according to a statement on the presidency website.

Perhaps 2012 is already shaping up as the year "The Middle East Burns". Start looking at the map, and most of the Middle Eastern nations are in political shambles, governments already toppled, or in fear of being toppled. In Bahrain, police used brute force against anti-government protesters after a teen's politically charged funeral.
"MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) -- Riot police in Bahrain fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades as they clashed Sunday with hundreds of opposition supporters..."
Meanwhile, over in Syria the supposed impartial Middle Eastern Observers there seem to be playing the part of the three monkeys who hear, see and speak no evil again the Syrian President and his troops who are ruthlessly attacking and killing innocent citizens.
An Arab League advisory body has called for the immediate withdrawal of the organisation's monitoring mission in Syria, saying it is allowing Damascus to cover up violence and abuses.
In yet more disturbing news from Iran...seems they have produced their first ENRICHED Uranium Fuel Rod. If they can make a fuel rod, they can created highly enriched (bomb grade) materials for us in a NUCLEAR BOMB. Holy Shit batman! Our own Gaseous Diffusion plants in Portsmouth, Ohio and Padukah, Kentucky allowed America to be a leader in both the nuclear arms race, and in the Nuclear Energy Industry...Iran having the capability to make fuel rods is a disturbing bit of news heading into 2012. Couple this with their overtures to Iraq, and this is a situation the whole world should be paying close attention to.

In shades of 2011 all over again, a 7.0 Earthquake hit Japan shaking buildings, and given every one a scare to state the new year off with.
A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck under the sea south of Japan on Sunday, shaking buildings in the capital but causing no apparent damage or tsunami.
Speaking of Earthquakes, seems Fracking is causing more earthquakes, this time in Ohio. Do hope that New York DEC is paying attention...just imagine Fracking causing an earthquake along the the Fault Line that Indian Point's nuclear reactors sit atop of...WAKE UP FOLKS!
McDONALD, Ohio (AP) — Officials said Saturday they believe the latest earthquake activity in northeast Ohio is related to the injection of wastewater into the ground near a fault line, creating enough pressure to cause seismic activity.
It is beautiful here in Mountaindale today, and hope everyone has a great start to this new year.

Happy 2012 everyone!