Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hump Day "News on the Run" amd Other Tidbits

Went out to get tires on my car today and they were not in, so camera in the car decided to go for a little drive, take in some of the derelict beauty that abounds in and around Sullivan County, old abandoned homes and bungalow colonies around what seems to be every turn, each reminding one of the hey days of times long ago past. It was a good drive, and will be sharing some of the pictures I took over on "Midnight in Mountaindale", so hope you will pop over and have a look.

Received a fabulous response to the critique of the Keurig K Cup machine from Evadne over at "Hospitality Green" which included a link to a great You Tube video on one use plastic bags...will share that later today as well in an article on the subject.

Wednesday "News on the Run"

Well, the big news is the Iowa Caucus from yesterday, the networks trying to whip all of us into a frenzy, the Republican Party trying to get their constituents to coalesces around the winner, one Mitt Romney who won by (drum roll please) EIGHT WHOLE VOTES...OMG, it's almost a landslide. Lets be honest here...if Ron Paul had not been in the race, Santorum would have shellacked Mitt last night. The truly GREAT NEWS in the aftermath of last night's caucus...Rabid Tea Party darling and Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is standing down, ending her quest for the White House. That singular piece of great news almost makes it worth having to tolerate the Iowa caucus for the past few months...ALMOST.

Locally, a Corrections Bus with 16 passengers on board has overturned on Interstate 87 North just past the 14A exit, shutting down all traffic. Injuries are reported. Suddenly thinking some of these prisoners are going to be needing attorneys for their civil cases.

WHOOPS....seems that the 2012 Olympic Games are off to a BAD START...seems that some 3000 tickets for Synchronized Swimming have been sold that do not exist...those with non-existent tickets are being offered a chance to exchange them for other (more valuable) tickets, but this is still a BLACK EYE for London and the Olympic Games. Sure, a lot of people will be happy to get tickets to events that are in much higher demand, but some of those 3000 fans are probably serious followers of Synchronized Swimming.

In a political "Who Cares" moment, in trending news McCain is going to endorse Mitt Romney. As the Church Lady would say, "Well isn't that SPECIAL".

A question for CNN...why do you have a malicious link know to corrupt our computers as a sponsored link on your webpage?

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Hope everyone has a great day, and if you are going outside, do DRESS WARMLY, as it is frigid out there.