Monday, January 2, 2012

Brisk Morning Outside...Monday "News on the Run"

Thought I would get a early start on my day here, keep to my New Year's resolution, so bundle myself up and walked down to the post office...which is closed for the New Year's holiday...should have figured that since the Rose Bowl Parade is being held this morning, rather than on the 1st day of the year as is normal...looking forward to seeing the Occupy Movement float that will appear at the very end of said parade. Let me tell you, it is almost bone chilling nippy outside. The frigid temperatures of winter are here, my fingers numb from my walk....good news is I walked about two miles, and took a couple of good pictures.

News on the Run

Inflation to hit Powerball in a big way...the one dollar chance at wealth and fame is about to cost you twice as much. Powerball has announced plans to DOUBLE the price of a ticket to $2 beginning on January 15. Bad enough that the lottery preys on the hopes and dreams of our poorest citizens hoping to get lucky, but now the government wants to steal twice as much from them.

In good news for Equal Rights, same sex marriages/unions are slowly making inroads to becoming the norm in America. The GLBT community only needs one more state to recognize same sex marriages/unions to see twenty five percent of states joining the 21st Century, and granting all couples equal rights under the law. Marriage licenses are given to same-sex couples in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and the District of Columbia.

Like father, like son
...Mitt Romney is refusing to release his tax returns, and one does have to wonder, "What does he have to hide?" Oddly, when his father unsuccessfully sought the Republican Presidential nod in 1968, he too refused to release his tax returns. Guess history really does repeat itself.

, a man tried to buy a microwave and vacuum with a One Million Dollar bill. I mean seriously folks...he has been charged with two felonies, but think anyone trying to pass off a non-existent bill that large, and expect change back has some serious mental issues...he needs counseling, not prison.

Rose Bowl Parade prepares for Occupy Movement Protest
...personally, would love to see the Occupy Movement hold a major protest today on National Television in front of a viewing audience numbering into the millions. Maybe such a action would wake up a few more people.

There is today's "News on the Run"...going to get myself showered here, and head out to run some errands. Think I will take my camera with me and hope for a few more good shoots.