Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Ugly Outside, and Friday "News on the Run"

Been outside working, and it's UGLY out...not exactly pellets, but stinging, almost but not quite frozen rain drops pelting down from the gray overcast sky.  If the weather forecast is accurate, look for much the same all day with the sun finally peeking back in on us again sometime Saturday, though the temperatures will remain cold...not frigid, just cold.  All in all, it has been a very mild January for us here in downtown Mountaindale, so no complaints here.

Yesterday saw me officially move the remainder of my stuff out of 60 Main Street here in Mountaindale, bringing to a close my own dream of opening up the "Second Time Around" gallery and the "Second Cup Cafe", though the dream of opening up these enterprises is still alive and well and living in Burbank as I explore other options and avenues that may be  out there on the horizon here in Sullivan County.

Friday "News on the Run"
Fukushima's tragic tale of abandoned animals.  For those of us living in the shadow if Indian Point and other aging relics from the age of the "Friendly Atom", so many sad truths to be learned in the aftermath of the Fukushima meltdown, none more than the ten if not hundreds of thousands of animals left behind to die slow deaths in the radioactive fallout zone referred to as the "EXCLUSION ZONE".  Cats, dogs (peoples pets) as well as livestock all abandoned, left to will not find these victims factored into NRC's accident formulas, will not find them included in Entergy evacuation plans.  All you will find is a rule that tells us we cannot bring our pets along to the shelters...maybe perhaps because they already know just how inadequate these shelters are in the case of a serious nuclear incident.  Did you know that Entergy, our local, state and federal government can only handle five percent of the citizens at a shelter should a serious incident ever occur at Indian Point...that is why the NRC now wants us to shelter in place.

Yet another far left leaning think tank is trying to disguise AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens...for starters, lets label them what they are...ILLEGAL ALIENS, and lets stop trying to pretend they are NOT CRIMINALS.  They are criminals, they should be prosecuted, where necessary serve their time, and then be deported.  Lets forget about the Dream Act (a nightmare for those who are here or came here LEGALLY), and lets stop saying our immigration policy is broken...our immigration policy is not broken, it is NOT ENFORCED.  Make E-Verify the law of the land, marry that to work place and neighborhood raids, and you would see a large percentage of ILLEGAL ALIENS self deporting themselves, and we solve the whole problem.  Note...I am a liberal, but not when it comes to the issue of Illegal Immigration.

YAWN...yet another Republican Debate last night.  Who cares...seriously, enough with the debates already many times can we listen to Newt and Romney before we die of BOREDOM?  At least Ron Paul provided us some comic relief.

Company that Mitt Romney was a board member of, guilty of Medicare Fraud...does that make Mitt Romney guilty to some degree of MEDICARE FRAUD?  Oh, silly me, I keep forgetting that people like Mitt are never responsible when things go wrong, when LAWS ARE BROKEN.