Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rich Get Richer...and Mitt Romney is Fine With That

I know your PAIN America...I live on 36K a Day!
Love watching Republican Pundits trying to justify a less than fifteen percent tax rate on the TWENTY MILLION dollars that Mitt Romney earned in 2010...yes, that is TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS!  Oh, in case you think all Americans are born equal, look at the 100 million dollar trust Mitt Romney has set us for his children.

Lets talk about that 20 million dollars in earnings, and the 15 percent tax rate...the theory is, that the tax rate should be less on that 20 million dollars because it is money that was earned through investments using money already taxed.  To simplify that, imagine if you could take $10,000 of your earnings this year and invest it into the stock market, and that money earned you $1,500 in NEW MONEY.  The rich believe that they should get a break on that NEW MONEY, as they already paid taxes before.  

Another interesting question for everyone to ponder...is it fair that Mitt Romney has managed to tuck $100 million into a family trust, WHILE AVOIDING PAYING TAXES on said donations to his family trust?  Are we all screaming "LOOPHOLES" at this point in the dialogue? 

Now with donations to charity, and the taxes he paid, seems like poor ole Mitt has to get by in 2010 on a misely $13 million dollars.  This poor out of work Millionaire (remember him telling us that he knows our pain, is without a job himself?) had to get by on just under THIRTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY...that's right, poor Mitt Romney has to survive, live his life, run for president, and support his family on $36,000 a day.....OMG, how can he manage?  Of course he can relate to our middleclass plight, he is JUST LIKE US!

Maybe he should write a book, "Mitt, How I Survive on $36,000 a Day, and in Style".