Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Musings, and "News on the Run"

One of Our Local Residents
Up early here, the deep freeze we are in seeing me rise early to make a cup of coffee, and kick up the heat to knock the chill off of my apartment.  Slight flurries of snow are dancing about just outside my window, frost creeping up the pains of glass.  Went outside to look at my electric meter, frowned as I watched the little wheel whirling about, dollars ringing up for the utility company as I attempt to chase away the cold...this weather is truly a budget buster for those on a limited income.  The good news in all this is that any real chance of snow has been pushed off till, today might be a good day to run out and do a bit of grocery shopping before we find ourselves shut in.

In local news, the "Rails to Trails" committee is hoping for some good news this coming week from the "Parks and Trails New York" folks...they have applied for a $3,000 grant.  The decision is slated to be made, and recipients notified this coming Tuesday, January 16, 2012.  The "Capacity Building" grant would be used for such things as a new membership brochure, and a full blown web presence for the trail.  This grant would dovetail nicely with Mountaindale's own plans for new banners, flower boxes and other improvements made possible through the $7,000 grant the community won in last year's Sullivan Renaissance program.  These types of grant funds from outside sources, administered properly bode well for our small hamlet.

Saturday "News on the Run"

Lifestyles of the Rich and Political...take a look at some of the homes Republican Politicians are living in, including one of Mitt Romney's worth almost TEN MILLION DOLLARS (he has several).  He and some of the others living high on the proverbial hog want us to believe they are men of the people.

Cruise ship capsizes after hitting a least three dead, though over 50 others are still missing, so look for the death toll from this tragic accident to rise.  129 Americans were on board when the ship ran aground. 

In more FRACKING NEWS, seems that Lisa Jackson is content to drag the US EPA's feet, content to duck the issues as the citizens of Dimock, PA continue to drink POISON WATER.    One has to wonder which New York communities will be forced to follow in Dimock's footsteps, our children's health being threatened as they have no choice but to drink water CONTAMINATED by the Natural Gas industry's unsafe Hydraulic Fracturing of our pristine lands.

Brilliant homeless teenager and her family now have a home, and they get their dog back in the bargain...this is a feel good story.

Hope you have enjoyed today's "News on the Run"...time to go out and brave the cold as I get my car started, and parked back out on Main Street here in downtown Mountaindale.