Saturday, January 21, 2012

Like Dante's Inferno, Fracking Waste Water Burns The Flames of Hell

FRACKING HELL...coming to your backyard in Sullivan County"
Dante's Inferno has nothing on a Fracking Waste Water Dump hole when it comes to uncontrolled flaming fires spewing contaminants into the night sky...and our BACK YARDS!...seems the Eagle Ford Disposal site in Texas had a bit of an issue last night...chalk up another hazard, and another accident for the fine folks in the Natural Gas Industry that keep assuring us they want to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME THROUGH...seems they are failing miserably all over America at every step in the process...keep in mind that the NYDEC has failed to facture in the WHOLE PROCESS when it comes to their proposed guidelines for regulating FRACKING IN OUR STATE!

Three people have been injured after an explosion and fire at a disposal well in Pearsall, Texas Thursday night. The site is used for disposal of fracking fluids from the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, about 50 miles from San Antonio.