Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday "News on the Run"

This weather just does not know what it wants to do.  From almost zero a few days ago too 43 today, and temperatures rising to as much as 45 by Friday of this week!  Hard to get acclimated to winter when it just is not staying around for more than a day or two at a time.  Which might explain the really horrid colds that seem to be going around here in downtown Mountaindale.

"News on the Run"

Top story today...poor old Millionaire Mitt Romney and his tax returns.  Must be nice to have so much money invested that you earned 42 million dollars in just two years...even nicer when all that money is taxed at just 14 percent!  Even a better bargain when you also realize he is not having too pay Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment or Workers Comp taxes on any of that money.  Figure it out folks, and with your Social Security Taxes, Medicare/Medicaid and other taxes, you are probably paying around a 30 percent tax rate, while poor old Mitt (who thinks he is ONE OF US) is paying a rate of just FOURTEEN PERCENT!...and we wonder why the rich are getting richer while more and more of us are falling out of the middle class?  Ask yourselves folks....do we really want a President of the United States who has to live on a paltry $36,000 a day after taxes?

56,000 JOB OPENINGS!  Seriously folks, these top performing companies are hiring, having on average 700 ob openings each.  So, dust off those resumes and start sending them out.  Let's see, 56,000 people without jobs get jobs...that only leaves 19 million more people needing work for everything in America to be hunkydory again.  Maybe Mitt can create some more jobs by destroying companies as a corporate raider?

Is your hair already shampooed, do you find yourself with ZERO Social Life?  If so, this is your lucky night.  You can turn on the TV, and at nine PM find wall to wall coverage on almost every channel as President Obama delivers his "State of the Union" address to the nation.  Thinking it would be nice to have the president start off with something honest like, "I'm going to level with you folks...the state of the union sucks right now, especially if you are in the middle or lower class."