Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Latest Fracking News

First Up...if you have not yet submitted comments to the NYDEC opposing the inadequate fracking regulations found in the SGEIS, now is the time to do it (deadline is January 11th...this upcoming Wednesday) is now. To make it easier for citizens to submit comments, Catskill Citizens has put up a page with 20 READY TO GO comments here. They are great comments, but if you want some serious IMPACT to your statement, want to have it receive MORE ATTENTION, it is recommended you use their suggested comments as a model to write your own. The more the merrier, so consider to some or even all of them! As a stakeholder, it is also recommended you ask to be put on the document SERVICE LIST.

Catskill Citizens will make sure that anything you send to us by Monday January 9th will be delivered to the DEC on time. After Monday the 9th, use the DEC's web-based comment form.[]

Next the US EPA going to start delivering water to the citizens of Dimock, Pennsylvania? Cabot has reneged on doing right by the citizens of Dimock, even though they are the guilty party that has contaminated the community water, and sadly, the state of Pennsylvania's own DEC is letting them get away with it...however, all is not lost. Seems that the US EPA is weighing to their own investigations, and bringing in water.
If the EPA delivers water to the village, it would be the clearest sign yet regulators are concerned about the effect of drilling on drinking water there.
Dimock may become pivotal in a national debate about the environmental impact of fracking, the drilling technique that could unlock decades' worth of natural gas trapped in shale deposits, but which environmentalists say contaminates water supplies.
11 minor earthquakes in Ohio attributed to FRACKING. First, this raises some serious question about allowing fracking anywhere near any earthquake faults. More importantly, it raises a much more serious question...why is the Hydraulic Fracturing industry being allowed to DUMP THEIR CANCER CAUSING WASTE STREAMS into the ground with our potable water supplies. Seriously, how safe can it really be to be dumping all these toxic chemicals into the ground, and will not those toxic chemicals PERCULATE up into the aquifers if said chemicals are causing earthquakes?
Now, seismologists have attributed a recent series of 11 minor earthquakes in Ohio to injection wells that disposed of wastewater byproducts from fracking operations.
Will opponents of Fracking here in New York be successful in getting another one year moratorium on the dangerous industrial drilling practice known as Hydraulic Fracturing, or would such a moratorium amount to putting lipstick on a pig. As it is, the DEC cannot issue permits before 2013, as there is no money in the budget for the added employees needed to enforce the proposed rules moving their way through the process now. Symbolically it would be a big victory for the Anti's, but we need to make sure it is not window dressing meant to appease.
Pointing to experiences in other states, including Pennsylvania and Colorado, critics say the practice could contaminate drinking water and air, cause small earthquakes and lower property values. Supporters say allowing fracking in New York would create an important domestic source of energy and thousands of jobs for depressed rural areas.

State Assembly Environmental Committee Chair Robert Sweeney said on Friday he would soon introduce a proposal to have a moratorium on fracking until June 1, 2013. Sweeney pointed to recent reports that fracking may have caused a series of small earthquakes in Ohio and contaminated drinking water in Wyoming and Dimock, Pennsylvania.
Bottom line is every step of the way, Fracking seems to get more dangerous, and at some point politicians and regulators have to accept that some risks are not worth taking, and Hydraulic Fracturing is one of those risks that small rural communities like our own cannot afford to have the DEC force us into accepting. How many examples of problems do regulators need to have presented before they just tell the Exxon's, Cabot's and Chesapeake Energy's of the world NO?