Monday, January 2, 2012

Putting Iowa Caucus in Perspective

Will be so glad when Tuesday January 3rd has passed, and we can stop hearing about the importance of the Iowa Caucus...though we will still have to tolerate pundits talking about who comes out of Iowa with the BIG MO.

Lets use numbers to put the Iowa Caucus and the Big Mo in perspective. There are only 3 million people in the entire state of Iowa, or about one percent of America's population base. Of those, the pundits are guessing 125-150,000 will actually participate (vote) in the Iowa Caucus. Pick a candidate, any candidate, and give them 50 percent of this vote. OMG, we should let Iowa dictate who has the BIG MO, who is the odds on favorite to win the presidential nod because they have the support of say 67-75,000 voters in the outback of Iowa?

This whole thing is stupid...New York City has how many registered voters. Pick another state, say Florida, or Pennsylvania, even California...any of those states pick a winner, and perhaps we should stand up and take notice, but Iowa...IT IS A JOKE. Huntsman says Iowa grows corn, and if we are honest, New Hampshire has a catchy slogan, but other than that, giving any serious credence to either states choice to be the Republican Standard Bearer is a joke, and if they are honest, all the major networks know this.