Friday, January 13, 2012

Brrrrr...It is SO FREAKING COLD....and of Course, Friday "News on the Run"

Brrrr....DANG, it is seriously cold outside, especially with the howling winds blowing down Main Street, the tattered awnings outside my window fluttering in the breeze.   Not saying it is cold out, but my car doors were frozen solid...took 10 minutes to get in.    This weather will seem like a CAKE WALK by tomorrow night when it is supposed to go down to single in 2 DEGREES!  So much for that theory I was working on about a mild winter.

To my local friends (Mike, Mark, Patty and Iris) who gave me venison this year, thank you so very much.  Having two small steaks for dinner this evening, and it is ever so tasty.  Pan cooked, some capers, Bermuda onion, herbs, spices, and some simple, yet so very good...did I mention garlic?

A local recommendation...went over to 2 Good Guys Auto Repair the other day to get a couple of new tires and a oil change.  Great folks, great work, and the price was very reasonable as well.  Give them a call at (845) 434-4107...they do towing to (nice to know in winter)...the towing number is (845) 428-0174.
Reginald Williams
2 Good Guys Auto Repair
49 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodridge, NY 12789

Friday "News on the Run"

The big news for those of us here in New York (besides the weather) involves FRACKING.  Seems that the US EPA beat the comments submission deadline by a scant three hours, and they have quite a bit to say, much of it ANGERING THE INDUSTRY.  Seems like many of us, they do not feel some of the rules go far enough, and specifically, they are calling for LARGER setbacks for our drinking water, while the industry (big surprise) wants even smaller set backs when it comes to protecting our water.  When I ponder the industry's wishes, why does the phrase, "Take a hike" jump quickly to mind.  Could it have anything to do with the fact that I know they are LYING to us?

In his harshest attacks yet on Mitt Romney's job creation claims, Newt Gingrich LAUGHED at him today in breaking news...When Newt Gingrich smiled, his face cracked.  In all seriousness, even though I despise Mitt Romney, sure he is having the last laugh knowing that Newt is not n the ballot in his own home state of Virginia where he has lived since becoming a perennial Washington, DC insider. 

A report that made me smile...seems that Apple, who has no clue when it comes to customer service (waving at RW), also has no problems with its supply chain (manufacturing locations) having some pretty horrid work place practices!  Maybe it is time everyone seriously considers boycotting Apple till they can get their customer service and production issues resolved in a HUMANE FASHION?