Saturday, December 31, 2011

Charlotte Occupy Movement Burns American Flag, Red State Blog Goes Ape Shit

I can understand people getting upset over the burning of the American flag...that said, in these hard times when both our government and big business seem hell bent on decimating the Middle Class, oppressing the masses, can understand people's need to exercise their "Freedom of Speech", support their right to protest and seek redress. For my own political reasons, I am fully supportive of the basic precepts and goals of the "Occupy Movement".

While on Technorati this morning, saw where the "Red State" blog had made a major move on garnering Authority so popped over to see what all the buzz was about. Seems that a radical right wing redneck on the site had his knickers in a knot over Occupy Movement protesters in Charlotte burning the American Flag. Seems one Moe Lane only wants to support "First Amendment" rights for those that are expressing views and opinions that agree with his own, and his own views show a certain horrid bigotry and hatred towards those who hold a differing opinion from his own. Bold words, but let's look at some of Moe's derogatory hate filled name calling contained in a small two paragraph post.
"Yeah, I know: “Occupy WHO?” Still, there are people out there who take the dirty hippie wannabees seriously, so every so often there needs to be a refresher post."
Seems Moe likes referring to those in the "Occupy Movement" as dirty hippie wannabees a lot, as he uses this expression twice in the same paragraph. His redundancy is pathetic, and his hateful description of desperate people deplorable. Many people in the Occupy Movement are there because Wall Street and the Banks wiped out their savings, crashed the values of their homes, and have left them without ability to find work. Many of those protesters are protesting because they have grown tired of a government that no longer takes care of the "PEOPLES BUSINESS" but instead acts as the government for and by "BIG BUSINESS". Moe's second paragraph shows the danger in letting a neanderthal right wing fruitcake have access to a thesaurus.
"Mind you, the geniuses were apparently doing the burning in the middle of their own squatters’ encampment. Which suggests that ‘fascist’ is semantically equivalent to ‘not willing to let dirty hippie wannabes auto-darwinate** themselves and their ilk;’ and before you renounce the ‘fascist’ label hereby, consider that permitting these idiots to immolate themselves would result in a very nasty cleanup job for some poor sanitation workers. To say nothing of the paperwork."
Squatters Encampment...So, those exercising their "First Amendment" rights in a way Moe disagrees with are now Squatters? Moe, not being an overly creative type again uses his favorite epitaph/rallying cry for the third time in two paragraphs, categorizing America's great out of work huddled masses as "dirty hippie wannabes". Thinking here that Moe should play two parts in a remake of the "Wizard of Oz", as he is obviously in need of both a brain and a heart.