Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow Coming and Other Mountaindale Tidbits

OK, the rain outside is FRIGHTFUL, and chills you too the bone, but it beats the 3-6 inches of snow we may see fall overnight...guess it is official, winter is upon us.

If you see Mark and Kelsey out on the street here in Mountaindale this week, make sure to wish the both of them a very Happy Birthday. Mark's birthday was yesterday (there was a nice surprise party held for him) and Kelsey's birthday is this Friday. A Happy Birthday to the both of you.

We are losing one of our residents tomorrow. Samara Ferris is heading to South Carolina for a month to visit with family, and then heading off to Switzerland for a year! We wish her the best of success in this new endeavor, and her smiling face will be missed in town. On a selfish note, wondering now who is going to make me Pear Cider. For those that don't know, Samara is quite the chef...OH, and she makes the best organic chocolates in the galaxy.