Sunday, December 4, 2011

Portland Police Try To Paint PEACEFUL Protesters With Scarlet Letters By Releasing What Amounts to BLACK LIST

Jack Booted THUGS Abuse Protesters Again in Portland

For those thinking the "Occupy Movement" is over, guess again. In Portland yesterday there was yet again a very tense standoff between over zealous officers of the Portland Police and protesters as the Portland Occupy Movement tried once again to take over another park, tried again to exercise their "First Amendment" rights. The mayor of Portland has decided those rights simply do not exist, stating for the record, "We cannot afford another protest." EXCUSE, the mayor decides that the police in FULL RIOT GEAR can be dispersed ahead of a protest to BREAK IT UP, that said police can intercede to preempt citizens from practicing their First Amendment?

In another draconian move, the Police Department has taken to creating what amounts to a Black List, doing their best to see those protesters BRANDED, marked with the label of troublemakers by releasing a full list of names and charges to the press.
Yesterday's HERO List

Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree and Interfering with a Police Officer
34-year-old Keller Henry*
25-year-old Christina Marine Doyle
33-year-old Tara Dannett Parrish, aka Tara Farsovitch, aka Tara Colvin
22-year-old Katharine Marine Sharkey
47-year-old Ronda Jami Harrison-Rodgers
20-year-old Carsen Jean Harrison-Bower*
25-year-old Jakc Davis
60-year-old Philip Green
21-year-old Jordan Levi Benning*
56-year-old James Douglas Gless
32-year-old Justin Alexander Kertson
23-year-old Mitchell Drinkwater
23-year-old Todd Andrew Herman
18-year-old Zane Matthew Greening
22-year-old Jeffrey Scott Hamilton
18-year-old Clifford Lawayne Collins*

A 17-year-old male

46-year-old Michael Earl Withey was charged with Harassment.

40-year-old Troy Anthony Thompson* was charged with Criminal Mischief II and Criminal Trespass II for climbing onto City Hall roof.