Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mountaindale's Sunday "News on the Run"

WOW...what a beautiful day it is outside...not a cloud in the sky, and the temperatures this close into Christmas are almost comfortable, the 29 degrees seeming warmer than it is.  As the week progresses, look for it to get warmer (40?) with a chance of rain later in the week.

Last night's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party was a roaring success, with ugly sweaters (and vests) as far as the eye could see.  Kelsey and Mark had some great nosh food, and there were even prizes for the ugliest lips are sealed on who the winners were, but every one in attendance had a great time.  Hope most of your are planning on being at today's "Christmas Lights in Mountaindale" festivities.

Sunday "News on the Run"

Sullivan County is trying to bring winter tourists to our area, and to keep abreast of the latest events, visit Catskill Social.   Wondering what efforts are being taken here in the Mountaindale/Fallsburg area to encourage people to use our beautiful "Rails to Trails" corridor for both cross country skiing and snow shoeing?  As is pointed out in the article, the biggest problem seems to be a serious lack of quality hotels in the area.

In more local news, a reminder that "Crime does not pay" as 13 suspects were arrested earlier this week on federal narcotics charges.  You can view the suspects hope the pit bull was found a good home.  My own theory on drugs is that prohibition has never been shown to work, and we would be much better off legalizing various drugs, regulating and taxing them (kind of like the pharmaceutical industry which gets people addicted legally)...your mileage may vary. 

In news we really do not care about, Britney Spears is engaged...I mean seriously, do we really care...oh wait, the story was on CNN, NBC, CBS and NBC, so it must be an important breaking story.  What happened when these kinds of stories were relegated to shows like Entertainment Tonight?

America officially ended our occupation of Iraq over night as the last 500 American troops withdrew into Kuwait.  Now the pundits are asking "Was the war worth it?" when we all know in a single word the answer...NO.

Not a Mitt Romney fan here (or a Republican fan for that matter) but this article on his wife's illness, and how they have dealt with it is worth the share.  Just goes to show you, that even if you disagree with a person's politics, there are areas of life where you can find common ground...this for myself is an area where I can relate to Mitt Romney.

Protesters Arrested While Seeking New Camp - (video)

Protesters Arrested While Seeking New Camp | NY1 News is Time Warner Cable's 24-hour news channel in New York City, delivering breaking news and features about the five boroughs.
For those wondering, the "Occupy Wall Street Movement" is alive and well, and the NYPD is still wrongfully arresting them in droves as Mayor Bloomberg tries to keep the un-cleansed (unemployed) masses from interfering with his vision of the city as a MECCA for the one percent.

Everyone have a GREAT SUNDAY.