Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday "News on the Run" and Other Things

WOW...where does the time go. There are just NINE days until Christmas, so hope everyone is almost done with their shopping, and for those of you who bake, hope your kitchens smell as delightful as my own. For those that are wondering what Christmas is like for that one percent that the Occupy Movement is railing against, a couple web sites you might enjoy.
There is ALWAYS the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.
My own least favorite commercial during the holidays...Mercedes Benz with Santa out on the assembly line checking on a gift for a very good boy or girl. What kind of a message does that send to our kids, imagine being that poor child with parents who cannot afford a Mercedes the family that Santa does not present with a new car.  Mercedes is not the only car company playing the Santa Card, just the one I find the most distasteful.

Let's get right to the Friday edition of "News on the Run"

In Republican Primary news I am sure we are all tired and bored with, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is endorsing Mitt Romney for the Church Lady would say, "Well isn't that SPECIAL".  Her reasoning for the endorsement...out of all the Republican candidates, Obama seems most afraid of Mitt.  Scary fact folks...with that kind of reasoning, she is a RISING STAR in the Republican Party.

KGB & CIA Not What They Used To Be
In far more serious news, Moscow has seized radioactive material bound for Iran...the bad an episode worthy of the Keystone Cops, Moscow Security forces seized the materials while allowing the Iranian citizen carrying it TO ESCAPE.  Guess now the Pentagon/CIA does not have to feel so bad about Iran having one of our Drones.

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's customs agency said Friday that it seized radioactive metal from the luggage of an Iranian passenger bound for Tehran.

From Japan...after spewing radioactive contaminants into the ocean, air and environment for eight month's, the "cold shutdown" has finally been achieved at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant's multiple reactors.  The Japanese government wants too spin this as an important milestone in the worst nuclear accident known to mankind, but if truth be told, it will take CENTURIES for the damage caused to be undone...meanwhile, our own NRC chooses to ignore the lessons of this horrific accident, and push through the license renewal for Entergy's trouble prone accident on the Hudson waiting to happen known as Indian Point.