Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fractoid News Blog Articles Being Consolidated On This Blog

Greetings Readers:

Sometimes in life, consolidating one's efforts, streamlining our work makes a lot of sense. For that reason, I am doing just that. As many of my faithful readers know, I have worked on various and assorted other blogging projects, and some of them have suffered as I have tried to serve, as it were, two masters.

As example, I have been the editor of both "Mountaindale NY News", and "Mountaindale After Dark", and simply stated, just do not have the necessary time to give both of these blogs the time effort and commitment they both deserve, so I am stepping down/resigning from "Mountaindale NY News" effective immediately, concentrating all my time and efforts on making "Mountaindale After Dark" the kind of blog that Mountaindale, Sullivan County and the surrounding Hudson River Valley deserve.

Another project I had started was the "Fracktoid News" blog, and if truth be told, though I have been posting articles on Fracking for months, that blog has languished in obscurity since May of this year simply because I have not had the time needed to give it the attention it so richly deserves. For that reason, I am importing to "Mountaindale After Dark" all the fracking articles from that blog so that the materials and information there can be read and disseminated from one location going forward...I am proud to be called and "Anti Fracker" and will continue my efforts on this important environmental issue, feel the best way I can be effective in those efforts is to centralize everything here where I routinely post articles in opposition to Hydraulic Fracturing in NY's Marcellus Shale.

If there are people in the Anti Fracking movement interested in taking over Fractoid News, please email me privately or leave yor email address in comments below this article and I would be happy to discuss transferring ownership of that blog to your organization, as well as the Twitter account of @fractoidnews and a Yahoo email associated with both properties.

Hopefully, when I post my last article to the Fracktoid News blog, all of my followers from there will come over and bookmark us here at "Mountaindale After Dark".