Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday News On The Run...Fracking Top On List

First up, Mountaindale New York weather...in a word, "UGLY". Step outside, and the misty almost rain clings to every pore of your body as the chill grabs hold and lets you know it is December even though the temperatures are still acceptable. It may be 55, but look for rain, more rain and steadily dropping temperatures as the week progresses. By Sunday, it is going to be feeling a lot more like Christmas and...well, WINTER.

Tuesday "News on the Run"

Fracking is in the news, and we here in New York need to pay attention. The Pennsylvania EPA had found Cabot guilty of contaminating local water aquifer in Dimoch, had ordered Cabot to deliver safe water into the community because of the high levels of methane in the water as a result of the FAULTY Natural Gas wells that Cabot had drilled. Well, guess the Pennsylvania EPA has decided that Dimoch's water though not safe clean, clear drinking water is clean enough to let Cabot off the hook...said company is STOPPING delivery of safe drink water to the community. New York citizens, PAY ATTENTION...you could be the next group of citizens to live the DIMOCH EXPERIENCE.

In Tech news...Amazon's Kindle Fire will account for half of the Android tablets bought in 2012, partially because the company is selling them AT COST...so, maybe now is the time to get one before the price GOES WAY UP. Santa Claus, if you read this post, this or an IPAD are high on my Christmas list...right there above Snow Shoes and poles.

Post Office takes another step closer to EXTINCTION...wants to seriously delay First Class mail delivery in 2012, and lay off perhaps 100,000 plus employees. One has to wonder what will happen to the small rural post offices like the one we have and enjoy here in Mountaindale?

In news that DOES NOT SURPRISE, seems that Halliburton destroyed evidence did inadequate cement work on the Gulf of Mexico oil well that blew out last year...rumors have it that Dick Cheney will testify before the Federal Judge in the case saying such evidence destruction falls under Executive Privilege.

Police in New Orleans peacefully deny citizens their civil rights, evict Occupy Protesters AHEAD OF COURT HEARING that would have granted said protesters a Order of Protection...here is the way it works FOLKS. City of New Orleans rushes into the park in the middle of the night just before they are supposed to go to court. They evict the protesters, and now will march into court and tell the judge that the Lawsuit should be dismissed because the protesters NO LONGER OCCUPY THE PARK. FUCK YOU NEW ORLEANS...and for those offended by the F BOMB I just dropped, if it was good enough for Dick Cheney to drop on the Senate Floor, it should be good enough for me to drop in this blog. To show everyone I am bipartisan, Joe Biden dropped the same F Bomb during the Health Care Reform debate.