Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saving Money...Have Mail Delivered To Your Apartment

In these troubling times, every little bit of money you can save is a BIG HELP. When I first moved to Mountaindale, I was under the impression that we could not get our mail delivered to our apartments here in town, but instead had to get a post office box, which is not exactly a cheap proposition. Do not remember exactly what it costs me to have my own PO Box here in Mountaindale, but know it is an ouch moment when the bill comes due.

Well, did some checking, and found out we can avoid that charge by installing in an acceptable (to the Post Office) location at our place of residence a outdoor mailbox that meets the guidelines of the United States Postal Service (USPS) might actually be far less expensive installing said mailbox than having to rent a PO Box.

Some Examples-this very attractive outdoor box retails for under $30 and is available from Amazon.

Wanting something a bit more eloquent? Also available on Amazon, though for a bit more pricey $74.66 is this Bronze looking mailbox with beautiful relief work on it. For my own tastes, think I would lean more toward this one, even if it meant spending about the same amount of money I would have spent for a year of having my mail delivered to my PO Box here in Mountaindale. Biggest thing for me in having my mail delivered to my door is the convenience of it...especially when the weather outside is frightful. Furthermore, the lobby at our own Post Office is not open 24/7 like some are, so if you happen to work from say 6AM-4PM it could become difficult to get your mail every day.

As to the postal regulations...was told by staff at the Mountaindale Post Office that we are entitled to delivery here in town at our apartments, we just have to have a mailbox. The Federal Codes only require one postal customer per mile including retrace to have at home (or apartment) mail delivery. As for state codes on the subject...not really sure what the rule is. The code does state mailboxes with locks must be provided and maintained by a landlord for buildings with three or more apartments in them, but seems mute on buildings with only two, so it is assumed here that those wanting delivery of mail to their apartments will have to provide their own mailboxes, but even with that, it could be a great way to save a little bit of money, and would make getting your mail a much easier proposition.