Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday "News on the Run"

The beautiful weather seems to be holding here in downtown Mountaindale New is crispy outside, but the sun is shining, the sky a vivid blue. Enjoy it while we can folks, as it is looking like winter weather with snow is heading our way...think snow for Thursday and Friday.
In local news, Sherwood Martinelli (that would be me), Committee Chair and Designer for Mountaindale Community Development Project's Award Winning Train Garden will be working with the folks in Rock Hill on their 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Project. I'm very excited at this opportunity, and very much looking forward to participating in a Category C project in 2012. For those wanting to follow that project, we have started a blog (not much there yet) that will share with our readers our plans and progress as next year unfolds.

Without further delay, Monday's "News on the Run"

Last night Anderson Cooper hosted the "CNN Hero of The Year" awards, and the big winner of the night is Mother Robin, though all those on the show ARE WINNERS. My own favorite of the night was Richard St. Denis and his World Access Project. Love this show, as it shows us all that average normal every day folks can and do make a difference in the world every day of the year, and I encourage all of you to support this Heroes in their work.

In a mirror of American Politics
, a Russian Billionaire is going to run against Putin. Nice to know that politicians in Russia like here in America come up from the UBER RICH class. Seriously, can people that rich really understand the needs of, and represent THE PEOPLE?

Occupy Movement is alive and well, trying to shut down American Ports on the West Coast. Sadly, the unions are waffling on their support, so this story will need to be watched more closely as it unfolds today.