Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Holidays Are Upon Us...And Tuesday "News on the Run"

Just five days till Christmas, and Hanukkah (Chanukah) starts today...the Holidays are upon us, and for the most part you can feel the spirit of the season everywhere you go with people smiling more, and hello's falling off the tips of tongues with ease. Often times wish there was a way to take some of this kindness of heart and soul and spread it out more evenly throughout the year. The world would be a much better place if we could.

The weather outside is still comfortable for this time of the year, though the weather forecast for the rest of the week is looking iffy...ICE PELLETS tonight and tomorrow...ice pellets? WOW, that just does not sound good, and snow is in the forecast for both Friday and Saturday. Not what I want to hear knowing I have to drive on Friday over to Peekskill and back. The good news for children...looking like we will have a White Christmas, which as we all know is ideal weather for Santa and his sleigh.

Looking to bake two more batches of cookies here today including my Hungarian Butterhorns, so for those who love trying new recipes, look for a cookie recipe (or maybe two) later on in the day.

Tuesday "News on the Run"

For a really beautiful story, check out "Rolling with Zach", a new show on the Oprah Network. You have to love a story where the main character refuses to be defined by their disabilities, and Zach is just such a guy. This is a real feel good story.

Under "tacky rots the brain but sells, how about Redneck Wine Glasses? I am serious, and this novel idea has caught hold to the tune of $5 million dollars...I find myself wanting a set for my Tiki Bar out at camp. Hats off to Carson Home Accents for this wonderfully irreverent creation.

In not unexpected political news, seems the more Newt opens his mouth, the more he drops in the polls as Republicans remember why it was he was run out of town as Speaker of the House. Course, then there is that little matters of a Family Values party electing a man that has been married three times, leaving his first two wives in less than honorable conditions.

Forked tongued Boehner is itching for a fight on Capital Hill today...seems he wants a one year extension of Payroll Tax Holiday instead of the two months voted for in the Senate...how about this Boehner...you get the 12 months, but the forced early approval of the Pipe Line project that you forced through along party lines is stripped out of the bill in Committee?

Personal Commentary on Life...one has to love "Instant Karma". Thanks for this great song and message John Lennon.