Monday, December 19, 2011

Mountaindale Fire Department With Assist From Woodridge Respond Quickly To Incident At Upstate Karate Studio in Mountaindale

Well, we have had more than our fair share of excitement here in Mountaindale this afternoon. I was coming up from the laundry room when I saw one of our Mountaindale Fire Department trucks going by, lights on...coming up out of the driveway onto Main Street I was greeted by a lot more commotion than we are used to in our quite little hamlet.

I saw Janet from Radiant Yoga, and Alexandra the owner/instructor of Upstate Karate carrying some things out to a car, Emergency responders from both Mountaindale and Woodridge parked out on the street (3 trucks), and a fireman putting on an emergency breathing apparatus as hoses were being laid down.  As is usual, our first responders, the Mountaindale Fire Department acted both quickly and professionally as they went about dealing with the crisis at hand...apparently a problem with the furnace in the basement of the Upstate Karate Studio according to one officer I spoke with at the could smell the smoke from across the street.
Mark and Kelsey who live behind the karate studio were understandably distressed until they were sure their two pets were safe...we are happy to report that they are.  Sometimes, we are all where we are supposed to be when we need to be there...was a good thing that Alexandra was there, smelled the smoke and acted as quickly as she did.  Was a good thing that our small hamlet is blessed with such a great group of men and women in our local Fire Department who always seem to be RIGHT THERE when you NEED THEM THE MOST.
The good one was hurt, and whatever the problem was, it was dealt with quickly with no visible damage done to the structure, though there might be some smoke issues to deal once the trucks are gone, though sure fire department fans alleviated most of it.  

A hearty thanks to the Mountaindale Fire Department (and Woodridge as well).  For those of you looking for a GREAT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY, the Mountaindale Fire Department and EMT Squad are both looking for a few good persons to join the team. 

*Note-guessing by the dark storefront windows that tonight's classes at Upstate Karate have been cancelled.

*Update-Karate Classes have been moved across the street too 62 Main Street.
**Additional Update-Just how lucky were we today.  Just spoke to Alexandra, and the furnace is completely gone, going to have to be replaced.