Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter is Here, and Thursday "News on the Run"

Winter Snows Coming Folks!
OMG, winter seems to have officially arrived here in downtown Mountaindale...a walk outside is like a walk in an icebox, the temperature down around 26, seeming even colder with the brisk wind blowing.  With snow in the forecast from later today until Sunday (New Year's Day) it seems as if we are destined to see our first official snow of the season.  The weather has changed, and looks like we all need to hunker down.  For those with plans for New Year's Eve, keep an eye out on the weather, and if you are out and about be safe, and DRIVE is always the right thing to do when you have a Designated Driver for the night.
Interesting factoid of the day thanks to CNN...a baby Polar Bear will nurse for its first two years of life.
Thursday "News on the Run"

Changing political winds are blowing out in Iowa...seems that Newt is no longer the choice in the "Anyone but Mitt" camp, with Rick Santorum's hard work in the state seeming to pay dividends of a sort.  This sets up a three way race between Mitt, Santorum and Ron Paul with the rest of the pack also ran's who will begin dropping out of the race with Michele Bachmann the most likely to be gone first, followed by Newt who is BROKE.  If the Iowa Caucus unfolds the way it is now looking, it is a pretty good bet in Vegas that Mitt Romney will gone on to win the Republican Nomination.
In news from the front, Oakland Police had again moved in to dismantle the newest Occupy Oakland encampment.  One has to wonder what Spring is going to bring as the weather makes it easier for those disenfranchised citizens of America to gather in LARGER GROUPS.

State of Colorado petitions DEA to reclassify marijuana.  Lets be honest here folks...Marijuana does have RECOGNIZED medicinal properties, and in fact the DEA has actually licensed two cannaboid based drugs for use.  The current DEA classification says that cannabis has no medicinal value, which is why the criminal laws for possession, use and distribution of it are so strict...the time has come to LEGALIZE marijuana for medical reasons.

Arizona School District's Mexican Studies class found to be OUT OF BOUNDS!  In the judge's decision that could cost the school system over $15 million dollars he stated the classes were being taught, "in a biased, political, and emotionally charged manner,"  Furthermore, the judge ruled against the classes saying,  "Teaching in such a manner promotes social or political activism against the white people, promotes racial resentment, and advocates ethnic solidarity, instead of treating pupils as individuals,".  It is pointed out here, that E-Verify coupled with SECURE SOUTHERN BORDERS would in time make such lawsuits moot.