Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some Great Buys If You Are Wanting To Christmas Up Your Dining Table

Out of all the holidays, Christmas is my own personal favorite for various reasons. First, I love shopping...would consider a job offer as a professional shopper if an offer came my way. Also love baking, and Christmas is the one holiday of the year where you can really exercise that passion, the fruits of your labor put into a nice decorative tin making for a nice gift when stopping by your friends homes for a seasonal drink or end of the year party. But most of all, I love the decorating, with the dining table something I take great pride in. A lot of how good food tastes is in the presentation of it, and love setting a warm cozy table for special meals.

This year, having moved from a large old Victorian with it's oversize formal dining room into a small apartment with an eating area in the kitchen decided it was time for a new look and approach to the table, so the other day went out shopping, and there were some beautiful things out there at great prices. Setting a beautiful table is great, but setting a great table at a bargain is just too good to pass up.

My table pictured in this post came from three stores over in Middletown, and if you are looking for some festive flair for your table at great prices, suggest you give them a try.

Marshall's...if you are willing to go through the whole store carefully, they always have great buys.

Bed Bath and Beyond...So wanted the single cup Keurig coffee maker, but behaved myself. The only problem with are not supposed to shop for YOURSELF.

Kohl's...not only did they have great prices, but got an extra (unexpected) 20 percent off at the register.

Tomorrow am hoping to do some baking here, so make sure to stop by the blog for a cookie recipe or two. Will start with the easy stuff, maybe traditional Toll House cookies with pecans, and some Johnny Apple Seed cookies.