Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy Boston Cordially Invites You

Wish I had seen this invitation earlier...would have been a nice road trip. I have to wonder how Mayor Menino is going to react, seeing as he sent police in Riot Gear in over a sink being brought in for SANITARY REASONS just a few days ago. I would think he would WELCOME the Occupy Boston group's efforts toward keeping citizens exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS both safe and warm as winter moves in on the North East. We should pitch a tent on the lawn over at our abandoned high school here in Mountaindale to show our support for these brave Americans who are willing to brave both cold temperatures and over zealous police officers too exercise their Freedom of Speech, to speak up against the one percent who are enslaving the masses.

The Occupy Boston Health And Safety Improvement Festival

At Noon on Monday December 5, 2011 at Dewey Square

We at Occupy Boston are committed to the health and safety of all occupiers and visitors of our encampment and as such we are hosting a party for this cause! The concerns of Mayor Menino about public health and safety are a top priority for us, and we are dedicated to fulfill the city’s criteria. In accordance with the city’s safety concerns, Occupy Boston is celebrating the arrival of a fireproof, winterized tent for the purpose of increasing the health, safety, and comfort of Occupy Boston residents. We hope to see all concerned or supportive individuals and City Officials join us in a productive conversation to ensure the health and safety of the public. We will provide refreshments and live music!

We warmly welcome the public and extend special invitations to:

Mayor Thomas Menino-come on say you are worried about public health, but when the protesters tried to bring in a washing sink, your police officers brutalized them. How do you feel about a Winterized Tent? Sorry you are losing patience...

"I'm not going to allow them put up a kitchen sink in the occupied area of the City of Boston," said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

The Boston Police Department-sure they will be there in RIOT GEAR

The Boston Fire Department

The Health Department

And as Always, the Boston Media!

We hope to see you all partying for health and safety!

For more information, email