Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hump Day "News on the Run"

OMG...was watching TV today, and they were showing off some of the new CONCEPT CARS, and one sent me into a covetous "I WANT THAT" rage!...Have you seen the new VW Bulli microbus? It is so freaking hippie ass COOL, and though there is no guarantee it will be put into production (rumor has it being in production in 2014) I am so wanting one of these! There is just enough of the retro old school feel to it to make it, in my mind, an instant must have vehicle for a lot of us old diehard hippies and Baby Boomers, while being equipped with enough modern luxuries to see it embraced by the younger set.

In other "News on the Run"

So, think the economy is turning around, and that things are going to get better for the American worker in 2012? Think report states that a mere 25 percent of companies have plans to employ additional workers in the coming short, look for slow or little hiring.

Rivals tend to see Go Daddy pay a huge price for their original support of SOPA, and it is this bloggers hope that a whole lot of people give Go Daddy the proverbial finger as they take their business elsewhere...Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercials were not THAT GOOD.

Tiger Woods ex-Mistress is pregnant...relax folks, it's not his. Which begs the question, is this really worthy of newsprint? Mercury News seems to think it is.

Only in attention folks, and ask yourselves why the rest of America does not get this kind of attention. Iowans today have TWENTY TWO chances to meet a Presidential candidate up close and personal. Excuse us presidential candidates, but how about SHARING THE LOVE.