Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fracking...Contaminates MORE WATER

There is far more to FRACKING DANGERS than the NY DEC has let on...just in from Pennsylvania..a truck carrying thousands of gallons of FRACKING WASTE FLUIDS overturns leaking FRACKING FLUIDS into Larry's Creek. This is just another example of why we here in NY want a COMPREHENSIVE STUDY DONE on the entire processes, rather than having it done piecemeal.

State police said the overturned vehicle was leaking frack fluid, which spilled out of the truck onto the roadway and an unknown amount made its way into Larry's Creek. DEP was contacted, but no further information about the spill was available from state police.

Barnett sustained a minor injury of unknown type and it was unknown if Souder was injured. Both men were transported to Jersey Shore Hospital for treatment of their injuries, police said.

Route 287 was shut down late into the evening in both directions, and traffic was detoured through Routes 220, 15 and 184, according to the state Department of Transportation.