Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday News on the Run

News on the run has been hit and miss this week...Tuesday was spent at the NYDEC hearing on fracking, and because they made us all stand out in the rain, I for one caught a very nasty cold. The weather outside today is bright and sunny, with a nip in the air...a perfect kind of a day to head out to do some much needing Christmas shopping perhaps?

There have been two major stories in the way of breaking news that caught my attention on CNN this morning. In the first one, the Republicans have decided it is better too tax almost 100 million Americans in the middleclass, rather than tax the UBER RICH...sure that Newt is totally supportive of this action as the front runner in the Presidential Primary. I mean this is the same Newt that wants wealthy Americans to keep their cheap labor by granting illegal aliens AMNESTY. Shame on you Republicans.

The other story that is JUST BREAKING...unemployment has dropped down under nine percent! Would not get to excited, because a lot of those jobs people have are JUST FOR THE HOLIDAYS, but there is something symbolic in having our national unemployment numbers under that nine percent barrier. We created 120,000 jobs in November...that is only 2400 jobs in each of our 50 states. HELLO...Christmas Time, and the best we can do is create 2400 jobs during the shopping rush, but everyone wants to jump up and down and shout with JOY. Dissect the numbers, and it is not enough.

Another BIG STORY...Apple Siri seems to be a Pro-Life can find yourself a strip club easy enough on the Siri, but try to find an abortion clinic, and seems none can be found.

In other "News on the Run"

Does the Tea Party still matter...perhaps the real question is, "Did it ever really matter?"

US hands Camp Victory over to Iraqis
...headline should be US hands No Victory over to Iraqis.

Classic Newt...poor kids do not work unless it is illegal.

Senate unable to pass Payroll Tax cut, but had no problem approving a $662 BILLION dollar Defense bill...will Obama keep promise to VETO IT?

The Senate passed a $662 billion Defense bill Thursday evening after a long fight over how the U.S. military detains terror suspects.

The bill passed overwhelmingly 93-7, following an agreement reached late Thursday afternoon to add compromise language on the detention of U.S. citizens and terror suspects on U.S. soil.

There is your Friday news on the run for Mountaindale and the surrounding area. Enjoy this beautiful day, and don't stress about the holidays.