Monday, December 5, 2011

Sullivan County, State of New York Risk Our Water For China?

I have in previous articles alleged that Natural Gas companies like Chesapeake Energy, Conoco Phillips and Exxon have no interest in ending America's reliance on foreign oil, have no interest in providing Americans with a cheap source of fuel for their cars. If one follows the money, two basic facts were clear...before the Marcellus Shale here in New York has been radically drilled, many companies were selling huge stakes to foreign countries (CHINA), and while getting politicians to give huge subsidies to the industry, these companies are using their own money to invest in very large expensive LNG EXPORT facilities to send our Natural Gas abroad (CHINA...CNOOC).

China, India 'to lead natural gas demand'

Gulf Times -
ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson sees “very strong future demand globally” for natural gas, which he said, will be the “fastest growing” among fossil fuels until 2040.

Which should beg the question, should Governor Cuomo, the NYDEC be risking our environment, our water, our health here in New York so that companies can export said natural resource to China? The reality of these large and expensive LNG EXPORT facilities pokes a huge hole in the propaganda that the Natural Gas industry has been feeding us...truth be told, they have NO INTENTION of getting America off of foreign oil, and if truth be known, they know that Natural Gas is not going to be the cheap alternative fossil fuel they keep touting to us, and to states like Pennsylvania who this year approved $50 million in subsidies for things like governmental vehicle fleet change over to Natural Gas.
Rich Gordon of Gordon Energy Solutions, a research firm in Overland Park, Kan., estimated that since 2005, domestic and overseas operators have spent $135 billion securing shale gas acreage in the U.S.
Start doing the math people, look at where the gas is REALLY GOING TO GO, and ask yourselves the all important question, "Are you willing to risk your health, your safe drinking water supplies for China? How many acres of land do companies like Chesapeake Energy already have the rights to drill under? How many acres in addition to the ones they own will the state of New York allow them to drill without buying rights through forced pulling?

Fact is, our Natural Gas that is SUPPOSED TO GET US OFF FOREIGN OIL is already leaving America, and in a BIG WAY. LNG exports rose sharply to 42.4 billion cubic feet the nine months ended Sept. 30, up from 34.5 billion cubic feet for all of 2010, and these Natural Gas companies want to rape our lands, spoil our safe drinking water supplies to get at the Marcellus Shale Gas for one reason, and one reason only...EXPORT. We need to tell Governor Cuomo to BAN FRACKING in New York, but we also have to cut this industry off at the knees by opening up a second front on the regulatory front...DOE FOLKS....and... the (FERC) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. We can stop them from getting Federal Government permission to EXPORT OUR NATURAL RESOURCES. We need to be filing comments and objections ON EVERY PERMIT REQUEST...this is a WAR TO SAVE OUR WATER. The real BATTLE LINE!