Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Musings and Tuesday "News on the Run"

Weather in two words...plummeting temperatures. Seriously, the weather has gotten COLD OUT, and shorts are out of the question today. The forecast of snow on Thursday and Friday is looking far more likely than it did yesterday morning, yet the Weather forecast has changed to mostly cloudy and rain...possibility of an ice storm? Whatever the weather, winter seems to be snuggling in with the plan of staying around for awhile...as in say April.

For those in the area staying home for Christmas. A little bird told me that Ed over at the Mountaindale Inn is planning a Christmas Feast on Friday December 23rd. Rumor has it that Prime Rib will be on the menu that night, and reservations will be required. Not sure, but music could be included as a part of the festivities.

Mountaindale Inn
69 Main Street
Mountain Dale, New York United States 12763
(845) 434-1023

In other local news, come "View the Christmas Lights of Mountaindale". On December 18th, compliments of Janet and Radiant Yoga, come experience the LOCAL flavor as members of our community show off their wares and their talents. to find out more, visit Janet's blog article on the event which will be held from 4-7 PM. The event will benefit Benjamin Cosair Children's Food Pantry, so please bring consider bringing a gift of food or cash donation.

sday "News on the Run"

Losers weepers, finders keepers...Iran smirks, tells Obama they will be keeping the downed Drone. We could have swooped in at the time, and bombed our drone into itty bitty pieces, but Pentagon decided that would be an Act of War...hello, we ARE AT WAR with Iran, its just a Cold War.

Supreme Court taking on three huge cases
with serious political ramifications...the first one is Obamacare. I'm split on this one. Too many young people choose to drive a new car, rather than getting major medical insurance and that is wrong. Conversely, not sure the government should be allowed to DICTATE the purchase of anything, but then we are required to have insurance on our cars to have a license. That said, there is no license needed to go to the doctor. Second one has to do with a Texas redistricting map created by judges that would give more sway too Latinos in four districts. Be it a judge, or elected politicians at a state level, Gerrymandering is Gerrymandering. The last big case has to do with Arizona''s strict law on Illegal Aliens...for political reasons, our Federal Government has not been doing its job for decades, so if they will not do it, LET THE STATES DO IT. On a separate note...we need a moratorium on ALL IMMIGRATION.

News on Occupy Movement...Occupy Oakland protesters successfully shut down port operations overnight. Oakland's mayor is whining, while union workers were told not to come in for work. The ONE PERCENT needs to be nervous in this country, as middle and lower class dissatisfaction is growing with each passing day millions of us go without work.

Boehner still pushing for a fight, hitches controversial pipeline to Middle Class payroll tax cut. To bad this Scrooge
seems to have forgotten his own Midwestern Middle Class roots and values, has sold out to BIG OIL AND GAS INTERESTS. Reader suggestion...follow the money, as in go to the FEC and look at some of Boehner's big donors.

Enjoy your day out there folks...for those who still have shopping to do, Macy's has announced a BIG SALE with select stores staying open TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY. Maybe it is just me, but just do not see Macy's shoppers jumping into their Beamer's at 3 in the AM, stopping at a closed Starbucks for a Cappuccino and going to an empty mall parking lot to go into Macy's to pick up some perfume and a robe.