Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday "News on the Run" and Other Musings

The weather outside is suddenly getting quite wintry, and find myself wondering when our first major snowfall of the winter will arrive...I know we have had one major snowfall, but that one came in the fall, just before Halloween. The weather forecast is again calling for Ice Pellets, and what I would expect is going to be freezing rain tonight, as we have a 100 percent chance of precipitation with temperatures just above the freezing point unless you look at more than one weather channel, some of which are calling for snow...brrrr....going too be a nasty night tonight, and perhaps a couple of nasty days outside...time to hunker down here in the apartment in downtown Mountaindale and enjoy the weather from inside.

In other local news, a very special thanks to our readers...just looked at our stats, and very pleased too share that we have reached the milestone of 1000 readers in a 30 day period in this just our second month of bringing our local community of Mountaindale the news and local happenings. Please remember to bookmark us, and share the link with your friends, on Twitter, and in your own blogs. Sharing a link to us on other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) is so appreciated, and thank you to all who have done so.
Now after having been absent for a few days, lets get on with "News on the Run"

In what is great news for President Obama and the Democrats going into the 2012 Presidential Election season, the Consumer Confidence level soars to 64.5 percent...this is not news that the Republicans are wanting to hear. They have done everything they could this year to keep the economy from rebounding in the hopes a bad economy going into the election season would see Obama becoming a one term president.

Stamford fire that killed five (including three children) was a tragic accident blamed on the fireplace. The mother was up on scaffolding trying to save her children when the firemen arrived on the scene.

Fox News
is trying to help sell America on the dangerous practice of Hydraulic Fracturing...someone please get out the violins. There is no if fracking will harm the environment, but on a when.

Not all Big Box stores had a great Christmas Season...seems Sears is going to be closing over 100 stores.

Thanks to INSIDER TRADING members of Congress continue to grow richer as we all continue to grow poorer.

Everyone enjoy their day today. I will be posting up a press release on an alternative style event for those looking for something to do this New Year's Eve.