Thursday, December 22, 2011

Question of The Day...Rose Bowl Parade

So, catching up on the news, and see where the Occupy Movement is going to have a presence of some sort at the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California. The Police Department in Pasadena has been negotiating with people in the movement, trying too get them to agree to march at the VERY END of the parade after all the floats, bands and various other groups have passed along the route, and the media wraps up its coverage.

So, the question..."Should the Occupy Movement accept this offer, or instead hold a full fledged demonstration, try to disrupt the parade?"

I have mixed emotions on this a firm believer in our First Amendment Rights, and because there is very little chance the movement will gain much coverage marching at the end of the parade, I tend to support the idea of a full on protest with tens of thousands of protesters showing up in force. From a sentimental stand point, having watched the parade on TV for decades, kind of hate to think of the day being spoiled for every one in the viewing audience. But, sometimes, social issues of this magnitude have to trump the entertain value of the event.