Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday "News on the Run"

Good Morning Mountaindale...said in my best Robin Williams voice.

Was outside just a bit ago, and wish I had taken my camera out with me. Saw the most beautiful male Cardinal up in the branches of one of the birch trees out behind my apartment. Was a stunning treat with which to start the day.

Big news of the day from my perspective...Time's person of the year is the "protester". Tipping my hat to protesters around the world, saluting all those in the "Occupy Movement". Nice to see that Time got it right this year.

Republicans muscle tax cut bill through House knowing it is dead on arrival in the Senate...nice try Boehner, but hitching the pipe line to the deal IS DIRTY POLITICS. When I think of you, why does SCUMBAG come to mind? How about acting on behalf of the people, rather than acting on behalf of Big Business and the Republican Party.

Rep. Terry: Boehner will link pipeline bill to jobless insurance, payroll tax bill

By Ben Geman - 12/02/11 11:00 AM ET

House GOP leaders plan to attach legislation to speed up approval of the controversial Keystone XL oil sands pipeline to a broader package that extends unemployment insurance and payroll tax cuts, a Republican lawmaker said.

No texting or cell phone calls while driving...sounds good in theory, but HOLD THE PHONE, and read the fine print. Seems there is an exemption to this newly proposed bill. You could talk on a cell phone that is actually INSTALLED INTO YOUR CAR. Isn't that convenient. We'll outlaw hand held cell phones, even with a Bluetooth, but if spend more money, get another line that is permanently hitched to the car, you can talk while driving. GM and Ford MUST LOVE THIS EXEMPTION.

After ten years America's troops are coming home from Iraq, and it turns out WE WERE DUPED. When the question is asked, "Was the sacrifice worth it?" the answer has to be a very resounding NO. Thousands of our troops dead, tens of thousands more injured, a price tag into the trillions, and all we accomplished was replacing one dictator with another one.