Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve "News on the Run"

A very Merry Christmas one and all...the weather outside for this time of the year is beautiful...the bad news in this, is it is looking very unlikely that Mountaindale and our surrounding area will have a White Christmas.  Depending on your own glass half full/half empty perspective, our weather forecast through Monday is either party cloudy, or partly sunny with highs into the mid 30's...does not matter, Santa Claus will still find a way tonight to visit.

On my own agenda today...Leg of Lamb served with small red Irish potatoes and fresh asparagus.  Going to be a very tasty Christmas Eve meal.

In the big political news of the morning, seems that both Newt Gingrich (who lives in Virginia) and Rick Perry have made a fatal political mistake, and will not be on the primary ballot in the state of Virginia.  This means that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will battle out for that state's delegates, each of them getting a much larger piece of the pie than was possible yesterday.  For Perry it does not really matter, as he has been an also ran now since two weeks after he entered the race, but for Newt, this is a very costly error that has probably dashed his hopes to be the Republican nominee short of a brokered convention, which is not out of the question for the Republicans in 2012.

New old school Air Jordan's from Nike cause near riots...seriously folks, they are SNEAKERS, getting a pair to wear on Christmas Day not worth what some of you went through.  Secondly, from my own perspective, they are an UGLY shoe.  Lastly, give me a break....those shoes are probably produced in China, Bali or some other off shore manufacturing plant for maybe TEN BUCKS a pair...they are not (IMO) worth the $180 a pair price Nike is asking for them.

Boehner and House Republicans blink on tax cut for middle class...guess when it comes to brinksmanship, this one was a major shipwreck for Republican members of Congress...sad thing about this...the extremist in the Tea Party still do not get it, are upset that Boehner did not continue to hold America hostage.  Perhaps those freshman Tea Party members of the house need to realize they represent ALL THE VOTERS in their districts, not just those in the far right wing of the Republican Party.

WASHINGTON (AP) — With tea party-backed first-termers calling the shots, House Republicans snatched political defeat from the jaws of victory in a year-end showdown over Social Security payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits.

This time, they pushed the country to the brink — and wound up blinking.

"In the end House Republicans felt like they were re-enacting the Alamo, with no reinforcements and our friends shooting at us," said veteran Republican Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas.
My own shopping is done, and I will be staying in today, cooking a beautiful meal, and listening to Christmas music on Pandora (great way to listen to the sounds of the season). For those of you who have put off your shopping till the last minute, WISH YOU LUCK today...the good news, is CNN is saying there are some great last minute bargains waiting for you.