Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Is Coming and Monday "News on the Run"

Yesterday from around four till seven, there was hustle and bustle all about our Main Street as vendors hawked their wares (to few customers) in the Art Center, and Janet's Radiant Yoga Studio played host to a lot of guests there to donate some food to a good cause, and enjoy the showcased local talent gathered therein.  Spent a bit of time down in the art center myself and shopped with two of the five talented artisans.  Picked up a unique wine bottle holder for the kitchen table, and a beautifully rendered small porcelain plate in a rose glaze created by Kathy Jeffers that works well on the Christmas table.  The art center having artists in it looked quite alive and festive, and one set of windows in town stood out above the rest...snapped a few pictures, and including a couple here.

Afterwards a large contingent of participants converged on Uccelli Restaurant around the corner at 4 Post Hill Road where they were tempted with special treats (and prices), and if you listened from outside you could hear great laughter and merriment from within, the soft lighting of the establishment beckoning people to come in and join the fun.  All in all, the "Christmas Lights of Mountaindale" event was a huge success, and Janet did a wonderful job in creating this seasonal event.

The weather outside just six days from Christmas is stunningly beautiful...almost but not quite sweater weather with the sun melting off last night's frost on the windshields of the few cars parked on Main Street.  Potential chance for freezing rain on Wednesday, and we may yet see a white Christmas.

Monday "News on the Run"

Obviously, as we reported last night, the most powerful dictator in the world, Kim Jong Il is dead, dying of a massive heart attack while traveling on a train.  His death leaves a disturbing power vacuum in the isolated nation of North Korea...the only good news, is that China will continue to prop up this desolate outpost nation to avoid serious ramifications in their own troubled lands.

Payroll tax holiday in an odd way, for different reasons, happen to agree with Republican numb nut Boehner...lets stop playing chicken with the political process and make the tax cut extension last for the entire year...MINUS the early approval language for the Pipe Line project.  Obama once again caved, and it would be so nice if our president grew a set of balls so that his veto threats actually held some substance.

Swedish automaker files for Bankruptcy...I have always liked SAAB's....except when they have to go in for repairs which is far to often.  Problem is, there are not a lot of mechanics who can really work on these cars, but they are breautiful too drive, and would still love to own a 9.5 Turbo with black leather interior...sometimes, do wish I were a part of that one percent.  Especially when it comes to true love would be too own an old Bentley...say 1956-63 vintage.

In sad news, NASA has officially pulled the plug on Discovery, thus bringing to an official end America's Space Shuttle program.  It is scary too watch America slide from its position as the leader of the free world to the position of being just an also ran, and I wonder if we can ever get back to the heights we once knew as a nation.