Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday "News on the Run" As 2011 Comes Closer To The End

First up...our weather here in downtown Mountaindale again seems to be a constantly moving target as yesterdays prediction of snow for the New Year now seems to be nice weather today, maybe some rain tomorrow, and a small chance of snow on Sunday. We shall see what we shall see, but right now, does not seem like we are going to get hammered like yesterdays weather forecast suggested we would be. Must be nice to have a job where you get paid for being wrong most of the time. Looking on the bright side, got to go out and take some wonderful photographs...yes, the one in this post is one of them.

Friday "News on the Run"

So, is your 401K heavily invested in the stock market? Good news of sorts...the Dow ended up for the year 5.5 percent. The bad news...if you are my age, you can remember when passbook savings account paid ALMOST THAT MUCH of a return on your investment. The Nasdaq did not fare as well, ending the year down almost two percent...OUCH.

Another piece of bad news for the Natural Gas Industry, and a piece of news the state of New York should pay attention too...Nature Gas futures end the year DOWN 32 Percent. So much for the promise of a pot of gold sitting at the bottom of a FRACKED WELL. Ban Fracking now folks before Chesapeake Energy poisons our water supply, and is TOO BROKE TO FIX IT.

Iowa professor speaks the truth
...Iowa has NO BUSINESS being the center of political universe here in America when it comes to picking presidential candidates. Lets pull the plug on this vile experiment, and give ALL AMERICANS fair access to the politicians.

Under news heading of, "Who Cares" seems that Newt got all teary eyed out on the campaign trail today.

In Syria, Arab League fact-finding mission participants must be blind...HELLO, the president is not keeping the peace, the president and his troops are ATTACKING citizens. Lets get on with implementing a No-Fly zone.