Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seems Mountaindale is Having A Luminary Exhibit For New Year's Eve

Do sometimes decry poor or tardy community communications, finding out things at the last moment, but if anyone is out and about driving in or near Mountaindale in the next few hours, seems we are having a "Luminary Exhibit" this evening to bring in the New Year.

I know this is short notice, but I knew nothing about it until about 20 minutes ago when I just happened too see a small band of local volunteers setting out what looks to be around 200 or so one gallon milk jugs along the sidewalk's edge. Do apologize for not informing my Mountaindale readers of this event sooner, but as I stated, first we here at "Mountaindale After Dark" knew of the event...if it gets started before I depart the premises, will take a picture or two for tomorrow's blog entry.

Whatever you do tonight, first and foremost have a good time of it, and please DRIVE SAFE and SOBER.

Definition of Luminary

1 a person of prominence or brilliant achievement
2 a body that gives light (in this case, a milk jug with a tea candle inside); especially : one of the celestial bodies