Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanks To Our Readers We Are Moving Up The Technorati Rankings

For about as long as I have been blogging (that's been a LONG TIME), the gold standard for ranking blogs has been Technorati, who follows, ranks and tracks blogs that count up to the millions...that is a lot of blogs.  Thanks to our loyal followers, thanks to our visitors that stop by on a very regular basis from all around the world, our little blog here in Mountaindale in it's first two months (less than) has just moved under the number 6000...out of over one million!

5902. Mountaindale After Dark

A very special thank you to everyone who helps to make this possible, to everyone who helped us move up some 46 spaces.  Wondering what is next on Mountaindale After Dark?  Later today look for my Mother's Christmas Morning Coffee Cake recipes...a family tradition in my house for over half a century now.  For now, have to head down to our little hamlet's laundry room and swap laundry over into the wish at times we had washer/dryer hookups in our apartments, as it would make life so much simpler.

Have a GREAT DAY everyone.