Friday, December 30, 2011

NY DEC Comment Period For SGEIS on Fracking Regulations is Fast Approaching

Please find below the latest Press Release from Catskill Citizens...the deadline for submitting public comments on the fundamentally flawed and incomplete Hydraulic Fracturing SGEIS is fast approaching, and we need every man, woman and child in the state of New York to speak up in opposition to it.  Rather than ramble on, shall let Catskill Citizens Press Release speak for itself...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE submit your comments on this important document that will negatively impact all of our lives.

In less than two weeks the public comment period of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement will draw to a close.   After that, fracking can get underway in New York State as soon as the DEC issues a final SGEIS. 

But before the DEC can do that, it is required to read and address all the public comments it receives - and that means we can hold off fracking by burying the DEC in comments!

Do your part today by submitting written comments to the DEC.  We've made it easy for you by providing you with fifteen different letters you can submit.   Send one or more of these letters, or use the open source website 2011 SGEIS Flaws(NY) and our Newsroom and Learn More sections of our website to find the information you'll need to craft your own comments.


The DEC's public hearings on the Draft SGEIS were a disgrace.  The department provided just four hearings throughout the entire state, and, not surprisingly, many people travelled for miles to attend hearings only to be turned away at the door.

To provide the public with another opportunity to speak out about the Draft, Catskill Citizens partnered with several other organizations to sponsor an additional public hearing to be held at the OKUN Theatre at SUNY-Delhi in Delhi on Saturday January 7th from 1-5 PM.

All are welcome to speak and their remarks will be transcribed and submitted to the DEC as a part of the official record of comments on the Draft.  For more information contact: or call 845 468 7063.


Just weeks before the public comment period is due to end, DEC Commissioner Martens admitted that the socioeconomic portion of the Draft SGEIS is "a little thin" and needs to be revised to do a better job treating subjects such as emergency response and housing.

In response, economist Jannette Barth, Ph.D., wrote a letter on behalf of Catskill Citizens calling on the DEC to extend the public comment period so New Yorkers can consider the revised socioeconomic study.  Dr. Barth's letter has been cosigned by more than one hundred others, including over sixty organizations and many elected officials
For more information email or call (845) 468 7063

Two out of three people who find out about fracking think the risks aren't worth the rewards.

Public awareness is the key to our success, so spread the word!
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